Tips for shopping on Amazon Prime Day in October 2022

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We offer you the best tips to buy on Amazon Prime Day in October 2022 and it is that it is an unprecedented season of discounts on Amazon, since it is the first time that two Prime Day events are held in the same year. We have collected the best practices so that you can take full advantage of these 48 hours of sales, taking into account what happened in the previous event this year.

The discounts of the second Amazon Prime Day of 2022 will last between October 11 and 12but you should also know that it is an Amazon strategy to take advantage of the most popular discount season in which everyone participates and it is Black Friday 2022. This decision has many reasons.

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Why a second Amazon Prime Day

First, Amazon has an opportunity to take advantage of users fleeing logistics chaos what it means to buy on Black Friday, especially since this season marks Christmas shopping and chaos reigns in deliveries… something you could buy for Christmas, could end up in your hands on Three Kings Day or maybe later.

Likewise, opens a second high sales date, which increases the chances of profit for the platformbut also an extra opportunity for each buyer to take what they want, but much cheaper.

The other reason is that this allows to lighten the warehouses of a lot of merchandise that is left in the year and that can give way to everything that is planned for the end of the year and to open in 2023, we already know that Christmas sales will not be enough to cover all the available merchandise.

Tricks to get the best products and the best prices

It may seem trite at first, but Whoever enters first gets the prize. If you take the time to plan from early to flash deals every 30 minutes, your chances of buying everything you want are greatly increased.

early morning shopping. This may be crazy and bordering on the desperate, but the truth is that an excellent practice is to avoid the peak hours when everyone is on the Amazon website. The reason is that the merchandise sells out much faster, but in many cases they are released in batches and perhaps that laptop you wanted is not available at eight at night, but it is at three in the morning and without much effort.

Are you sure it’s discounted?something that is the smartest thing you can do when you decide to buy on Amazon Prime Day is to take the time to investigate if what you really want is on sale, it may be that it marks 50 euros and you can take it for 30 euros, but not necessarily that means you have a real discount.

There is a well-known practice and it is that many merchants increase the price of various products prior to the discount seasonthey do this with the aim of later marking a high discount, which is not really such, but luckily Amazon has a way to check what we tell you.

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The website CamelCamelCamel is a tool that allows you to know the price record of a product from the moment it went on sale on Amazon. By placing the corresponding link, it will tell you when and how much it went up in price, as well as if it actually went down.

Also, you have the possibility to track a productthat is, when the price drops, it will really notify you with a programmed alert to your email, that represents an advantage, since your verification will be automatic.

Leave something for Black Friday or Christmas. The truth is that these offers will not end, although it is true that the Amazon Prime Day discounts are usually quite good, but the truth is that many of these things will drop more in price in the following weeks, after the new holiday offers, since that, as we explained to you before, they need to clear many shop windows.

Avoid purchases with financing. If you are thinking of buying with your credit card and using the financing lines they offer, then you are doing a bad deal; because the percentage that you are saving with the discount, in many cases, could be eaten up by the interest that you will have to pay with that installment purchase, which you are covering with your card.

The Financed purchases that are convenient are those that allow you to do it at 0% interestin many cases they are purchases with few installments, but it would be convenient to do so, since you would have at least one more month to pay for what you got now with a discount.

Last but not least, the main guarantor to not end up spending more than you can is yourself. We recommend you create a list of those things you want to get at a discountsearch for different options and compare prices, also set a limit on your total budget and how much you will allocate for each of the products on your count. At the end of your selection, immediately run away from Amazon and wait a couple of days to verify what you have purchased.

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